1 on 1 at CISB

Access to CISB campus implies the signature of  the Dragonfire Agreement.


Age: 4 to adults


Level: all levels


Time slots available:



Saturday周六: 12:15-13:00; 13:10-13:55

Sunday周日: 12:15-13:00; 13:10-13:55



Fees: For private classes, you must purchase a MINIMUM of 5 classes ($1250 RMB upfront), trial lesson is 350 RMB.

You will need to finish these 5 classes within 8 weeks time. If you can’t come to your designated class, you will need to notify us within 24 hours before the class starts. If you do not show up, then we will take 50% of the money per class, no refunds.





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