1on1 at Hilton Hotel

Our 1 on 1 Class is opening at Hilton Hotel!


Classes will be from 9-11 AM and 2-6 PM, everyday including Saturday and Sunday!!



45 minutes for each class, and 1600RMB for 5 classes!



Tryout Class: 400RMB!



Address: 1 Dong Fang Rd, North Dongsanhuan Rd, Chaoyang District



Please feel free to contact Kevin at 13601064534 or kevin at beijing@dragonfire.com.cn for more information!

如需更多信息,请电话联系Kevin: 13601064534或者邮件联系Kevin beijing@dragonfire.com.cn!



Due to the swimming size small and many people, so hope your understanding:

1,   only one parent/guardian can company the swimmer

2,   parents/guardians are not allowed to use any equipments there, if you do please pay the 300rmb fee for it

3,   please do not drink or eat anything near the pool to keep our pool clean

4,   please wear a cover on your shoes when you enter the pool area, or if you wear slippers please go through the brush-shoe-pool to clean them

5,   please do not bring any glass cups/mugs into the pool area

6,   please do not let your kids touch anything when passing the equipment area in case they get hurt

7,   for your kid’s safety, please swim along with our coach going under or out the water



1.       每名学员只需要一名家长陪同。
2.       学员家长不可以使用健身中心的任何设施,如需使用请按每次300元人民币交付入门费。
3.       为保证游泳池的卫生,请不要在游泳池食用任何食品。
4.       请家长一定要穿戴鞋套或者脱鞋经涮脚池进入游泳池。
5.       请不要携带任何玻璃杯具等制品进入游泳池。
6.       为保证儿童在器械区的安全,请路过器械区时看管好自己的儿童,不要让小孩触碰器械,以免发生器械伤人事件。
7.       为保证儿童在游泳池的安全,请一定与教练一起下水,一起出水。


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