Asian All-Stars Qualifier 2014-15

Dear All Coaches, Aquatic Directors & Athletic Directors,

This will be our second year running this event. Last year was a tremendous success with a number of fantastic swims and over 25 records broken at the meet. The inaugural event saw over 200 athletes qualify representing 11 swim programs across Asia. This year we have already had interest from over 15 swim programs with a similar number of qualified swimmers already having confirmed their place. Please look at meet mobile under AAQ 2013-14 for a view of last years results for your interest.

Why Asian All Stars? The vision for this meet is to create an age group national equivalent qualifier meet in the International circuit. This will help prepare athletes for heats and finals experience. This year we will also be announcing the All Star Team (top 2 finishes in each event).  This may lead onto an invitation for this team to compete in another event of sorts at a later stage.

AAQ 2014-15 Information

Please find attached all information required for the AAQ 2014-15 to be held on the 6th – 8th of February 2015.

Please refer to the events list and time standards report for official events orders and time standards. There are some minor adjustments from the information booklet, so please refer to this booklet for general information and the estimated session time-lines. Each competitor will be given a t-shirt, so please ensure the correct information is filled in on the Information sheet attached.

Deadline Reminders:

January 8th (Thursday)  – Last day for Information Sheet submission. (please send as soon as possible). Wire transfer details will be sent to those that require it. Cash entry fee payments can be received at the meet. Ensure you put your correct details if you require a pro forma or receipt detailing your correct school name and address. * Please save this excel document with your team name. i.e. AAQ 2014-15 Information sheet – ISB.

January 20th (Tuesday)Final Entries to be submitted

January 27th (Tuesday) – Any Changes / additions to be sent in by this date at the latest.

January 30th (Friday)Psych Sheets will be posted on pdf and on meet mobile. There-after only scratches will be accepted.

New things to expect this year:

  • Competitor Packs, Competition t-shirts and more sponsorship initiatives.
  • Recognition of the Asian All Star Team (Top 2 Finishes in each event).


We have a transport department that may be able to assist with your transport needs on the ground in Beijing. Please refer to the general information section in the Information booklet, for the transportation department contact info.


We have suggested some hotels in the area. Please refer to the general information section for more details.

Food & Refreshments:

We will have vendors selling food and refreshments on the day’s of the meet. If you require any restaurant information in the area, we can gladly offer some advice. Please e-mail me for further information if you require any help.

Swim Team Rules:

This meet has been designed to allow both school or club involvement. The reason being is that some schools may not have a swim team, or there may not be any clubs for swimmers to be apart of in certain areas. This meet allows all swimmers the opportunity to compete.

Please be aware of the following rules / guideline points that are standard practice Internationally:

  • Swimmers should only represent one team, whether that is a club, school or club / school hybrid program.
  • Only coaches and or representatives of the swimmers team should be offering coaching support in the form of post and pre-race chats, supervising warm-ups and or warm-downs during the meet. This is crucial in terms of our duty of care as professional coaches and teachers.
  • Multiple club affiliations send the wrong message to our young athletes and certainly does not prepare them well for when they move back to their home nations and swim in club or school environments. Please e-mail me if you have any concerns or foresee any potential conflicts and we will gladly support you wherever I can.

All other information will be sent on an as needed basis.

We look forward to hosting you at the AAQ 2014-15.

Best Regards

Nic Wilson

Head Coach Of Swimming

International School Of Beijing

No.10 An Hua Street, Shunyi District

Beijing, People’s Republic of China


Tel: +86 (10) 8149-2345

Ext: 1610 (Swim office)

ASIAN ALL STARS QUALIFIER 2014-15 – Information Booklet


ASIAN ALL STARS QUALIFIER 2014-15 – Time Standards Report

ASIAN ALL STARS QUALIFIER 2014-15 – Information Sheet

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