Fighting Fish 27th Santa Claus Meet Information Packet, 2014

The Fighting Fish Swim Team is pleased that you will attend the 27th Annual Santa Claus Meet 2014 to be held in Singapore on Saturday and Sunday 29th-30th November 2014.

The following information is attached to this email:

Please read the Meet Information Packet in detail. If you have any questions in relation to the meet, please do not hesitate to contact us.



1. 比赛时间:2014-11-29号全天,30号14:00 结束

2. 比赛地点:新加坡美国学校

3. 比赛规模:大约20个左右游泳队参赛,参赛人数大约300-400人

4. 参赛要求:

A. 参赛选手需要穿着Dragon Fire 体恤,泳帽,泳衣,请联系Stella

B. 每位参赛选手需至少有一位家长陪同旅行及参赛

5. 关于出行

A. 签证:每人签证费500元人民币(如需要)

B. 时间安排:2014-11-28日北京-新加坡 SQ801 8:45-15:20,2014-12-01新加坡-北京SQ800 1:10-7:10

6. 相关费用:

A. 出行费用每人6000元人民币(包括机票、乌节路五星酒店两晚,机场至酒店至比赛场地及返回的租车费用)备注:如回程需要改期,产生的多余费用需要自行承担。

B. 比赛费用:比赛费用每人75新币,Dragon Fire收取每位参赛选手200元人民币为教练的旅途费用

请在10月27号5点以前联系 Kevin:


About the Swim Competition:

1. Time:2014, Nov. 29th (the whole day) to 30th at 14:00

2. Location: Singapore American School

3. Participants involved: around 20 teams, 300-400students

4. Requirements:

A. All participants should wear dragon fire uniforms including T-shirts, caps, goggles.

To take uniform, please contact Stella.

B. Each participant should be accompanied by at least one parent

5. The Trip:

A. We charge RMB500 per participant for visa fee (if you need).

B. Schedule:Nov.28th, 2014, SQ801 Beijing to Singapore 8:45-15:20

Dec.1st, 2014, SQ800 Singapore to Beijing 1:10-7:10

6. Relevant fee:

A. RMB:6000 (Includes air tickets , two-night stay in a five-star hotel on Orchard Road, transportation from airport to hotel and during the competition. )

Notes: You need to cover the cost of flight changing if you want to change the return date.

B. In addition to the competition fee SGD75 per participant, we will charge extra RMB 200 per participant for the coach’s trip.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kevin: before 5pm, Oct.27th, 2014.


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