Gymnastics at WAB



Classes are from January 7, 2019 to June 13, 2019.


No Classes/无课:

  • February 2 – February 10 Chinese New Year/2月2号-2月10日中国新年
  • March 30 – April 7 Spring Break/3月30号-4月7号春假
  • May 1 May Day Holiday/5月1号劳动节


Tryout: 400 rmb; 2-15 classes: 300 rmb each class; 16-30 classes: 270 rmb each classes; 31-45 classes: 240 rmb each class; 46-60 classes: 210 rmb each class.



Beginner, Level 1, 2:

Monday 18:00-20:00

Saturday 17:00-19:00

Level 3-6:

Monday 18:00-20:00

Saturday 17:00-19:00

Western Academy of Beijing

10 Lai Guang Ying Dong Lu, Chao Yang District, Beijing 100102, P.R.C.

Directions to WAB:
From Jing Mi Lu, turn left (west) onto Lai Guang Ying Dong Lu. WAB will be approximately 500m in on your left. Look for brightly colored buildings, a yellow fence and a big red gate (the main entry). Parking is available outside the Elementary School, by the High School, and behind the HUB.

机场高速沿顺义方向向北,从机场高速北皋出口上京密路。前方路口左转(向西)上来广营东路。京西学校大约在您前方左手边500米处。亮色建筑,黄色围墙及红色大门。小学外,中学以及 HUB 后面可供停车。


If you have any questions about our gymnastics classes, please feel free contact Serena Liu at 13801212465 or kevin at




Beginner Level

For many of our gymnasts, this is their first class experience without a parent. To make this transition as smooth as possible, our student teacher ratio is 6:1 for this class. Our primary objectives for this group are following the teacher’s instructions, taking turns, and playing well with others within the gymnastics setting. This class develops the skills featured in the parent participation classes, in addition to introducing more challenging ones.


Target Skills: On vault, start from on board, jump to land on mat. On bars, grasp low bars, bent knee holding 5 seconds. Roll forward though to stand. On beam, walk forward. Baby walk. Body jump. On floor, lie down bridge. Strait, tuck,pick position and jump. Forward roll.

Level 1

At this level gymnasts are able to follow directions more easily and are able to learn more advanced motor skills and gymnastics skills. Each gymnast should be working towards mastering the skills in the lower levels as well as developing the strength and coordination for the following skills.


Target Skills: On vault, step down to a board, immediate straight jump to land on mat. On bars, bent knee swing on low bars. Casts in series, hips off bar in casts. On beam, walk forwards, point step weight transfer. Straight jump. On floor, L handstand. Tuck forward roll. Arch position.

Level 2

At this age gymnasts are able to concentrate for longer periods of time so we extend the class from 50 minutes to one hour in length. As a transition into our after school program this class includes focused activities on the individual gymnastics events. For example, after working on an obstacle course a Tumblers class might line up on the floor for a tumbling rotation to learn their rolls, handstands and cartwheels.


Target skills: On vault,2 Step or lunge to handstand on board and land on back to 30cm supper soft mat. On bars,Pullover.Casts in series, toes to bar height in casts.Roll forward through controlled tuck hang for 3 seconds. On beam,Straddle sit on beam, swing legs back to squat, stand on beam.Hold straight line for 3 seconds.Passé steps. Half turn on 2 feet. On floor,Handstand step down to lunge.Forward entry cartwheel to finish in side position.Backward roll.

Level 3/Level 4

At this age gymnasts are able to learn more skills.Aimed at students aged 7 and above, sessions are longer and are intended for those who have mastered the basic skills and who want to pursue gymnastics more seriously.


Target skills: On vault,Run, handstand to flat back landing onto 60cm mats. On bars,Poll over to front support.Casts.(toes to bar height.)Back hip circle. On beam,forward kicks.backward kicks. straight jump in series. “L” handstand. On floor, Cartwheel, cartwheel 1/4 turn to step in.Split jump. Bridge kick over.Handstand forward roll.

Coach Background 教练资质

Rebecca Hu 胡玉虹

前中国国家体操队队员,2008年备战北京奥运会选手之一。最好成绩,2009年多哈世界杯平衡木冠军。毕业于北京第二外国语大学。2013年至2016年在Sports Beijing担任体操主教练,负责ASA体操课外课,俱乐部beginner至level6的体操课程以及参赛队伍的训练和比赛。其中三年与WAB校队项目合作,并带领队伍参与了2015年上海国际体操邀请赛。带领Sports Beijing参与了2015年至2016年的上海国际体操邀请赛。2016年北京国际体操邀请赛(Local Comp)。2016年秋季带领龙火体操队参加了国际学校体操邀请赛。

Former National Team and HuBei Team Gymnast, Graduated at Beijing International Studies University, 3 years coaching experience with Sports Beijing at WAB, ISB, ShiChaHai, Daystar, BCIS for programs of Club, School Team, ASA and Summer Camp. Coach WAB Display Team Shanghai travel Comp in 2015, Sports Beijing team Shanghai travel Comp in 2015 and 2016, Sports Beijing Local Comp in 2016, Gymnastics Performance Meet Fall 2016.

Career Achievement:

2006 National Champion of Balance Beam.

2007 City Sports Meet Champion of Team Gymnastics

2007 National 2nd Place of Team Gymnastics

2009 National 2nd Place of Floor Gymnastics

2009 World Cup 5th Place of Uneven Bar and 3rd Place of Balance Beam

2009 World Cup Champion (Doha)of Balance Beam

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