About Kids Ballet

Ballet dancing positive effects:

Choreographic art has direct great effects on the physical development of children:

    • Forms a beautiful figure
    • Helps to get rid of physical defects
    • Develops physical strength and endurance
    • Improves health
    • Properly developing musculoskeletal
    • Maximum corrected posture disorders
    • Helps develop their creative activities
    • Teaches aesthetics and expression
    • Educate and develop the child’s artistic taste
    • Teaches children to listen, to perceive, evaluate music and develops an interest in it

By dancing, the children show their abilities, develop their creative activities and their imagination: children learn self-creating plastic images.

Each lesson includes exercise at the ballet barre, the classic combination in the middle, jumping, learning techniques rotation exercises on pointe, gymnastics on the floor.

Under the guidance of experienced teachers children will achieve the best results.



dance studio

Classes are from August 21 – December 19

Holiday Break:

Sep 13 – 15: 中秋节假期 Mid-Autumn Festival

Sep 28 – Oct 6: 国庆节假期 National Day

Nov 7 – 8 学校家长会 Parents Teacher Meetings

Time Schedule

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